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Mentorprise are a group of companies who can give your brand marketing the personal touch. Let us turbocharge it for you and make an interactive campaign that will get you engaged, quality customers and fast.

Experts at face to face marketing in B2B and B2C

We conduct sales campaigns for various brands ranging from well known charities, to broadband and home efficiency companies. We are experts at face to face marketing and our Brand Ambassadors conduct sales in business to business, events and residential settings.

Meet the team

Want to meet some of the leadership team that steer this ship?

Rob Cotterell

Managing Director RedSeven Marketing

Rob launched his sales career in 2010 after graduating, going from zero experience to starting up his own marketing company in 2013. Earning industry awards and pioneering sales campaigns for new clients, RedSeven are a force to be reckoned with. To ‘wind down’ Rob can be found throwing himself down hills on a mountain bike so it is always a lottery to see if he comes into the office in one piece.

Matt Nicholson

Managing Director, Monument Promotions

Matt’s first sales role started in 2014 and took to it like a duck to water, he opened Monument Promotions in 2017 and had an outstanding start achieving the award for Best New Marketing Company of the year. You know for sure he’s arrived in the office as you can hear his laugh from the third floor.

Chance Cowie

Managing Director, RedLine Promotions

Chance swapped the sunshine of Tenerife for Swindon in 2018 and opened up the RedLine Office in Manchester just a mere 10 months later. His talent for sales and ambition have put Manchester on the map and earned recognition as the ‘Best Marketing Company of the Year’ 2021 by their supplier. We are considering a translator to decipher what he is trying to say through the GIFs he sends.

Gary Pearson

Managing Director, Adaptive Marketing

Gary picked up the keys for his Leeds office in August 2022, starting his direct sales career within RedLine Promotions amidst the pandemic Gary was a driving force for the growth of that company reaching a point where he wanted to take the wheel of his own company. August was also a busy month for Gary as he also welcomed his daughter to the world so quite the whirlwind for him!

Dale Trinder

Satellite Owner, RedSeven Marketing

Dale started in RedSeven in Swindon in 2016 at just 19 following a part-time job in retail. Dale had proved himself as a reliable and consistent team member so launched the Satellite office just before the pandemic in 2020.

Nina Collis

Head of Talent, Mentorprise

After mastering sales, Nina took on the challenge of powering the growth of RedSeven in 2014. Working with the local colleges to scout our next Rising Star, she was asked to become an Enterprise Advisor for New College in 2019 and offers employability support to students. Now focussing on growing the talent across the Mentorprise organisation.

Mollie Hayes

Event Coordinator, Monument Promotions

A fresh 2021 addition to the team Mollie started working with Matt from a previous sales role. She has been a breath of fresh air and has really pioneered the organisation and site relationships needed for Event Sales and was recognised as ‘Event Coordinator of the Year’ in December.

Emily Gara

Assistant Owner, Monument Promotions

Joining Monument in the height of the pandemic in 2020 Emily initially only saw sales as something to fill her time with after her performing arts career was abruptly put on hold. Quickly learning that her skills and talent were really suited to it she then turned her attention to building a team and advanced to Assistant Ownership alongside Matt in the beginning of 2023. She is now looking to open her own Marketing Company in London by next year.

Sophie Lee

Recruitment Manager, RedSeven Marketing

If you have ever stepped foot in the Bristol RedSeven location you would remember Sophie, she is a ball of energy and has really taken to her new role with in-house recruitment and following her first year has been recognised as a rising star within the Mentorprise Group.

Fidel Nanton

Assistant Owner, Monument Promotions

Fidel has been a fantastic example within the group ever since he walked through the doors of RedSeven back in 2017, he was selected to support the opening of Monument and has since raised over £1 million for various causes. Turning his hand to leadership has seen him gather a strong team last year with superb averages and unparalleled quality.

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